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Petition To End Mandatory Bars For Attorneys

In Order To Restore A Free Market In Legal Services And

Petition To Require Judicial Accountability For Judges and Lawyers


I AM ALREADY FREE to use whomever I choose to assist me with my legal affairs, whether that individual is a member of any mandatory bar or not. This includes legal advice, the preparation of documents for submission to courts and verbal assistance or representation of any kind in any courtroom. I should be free to do this without being stopped by any local bar member, judge or lawyer. I do NOT petition the local courts and or government to acknowledge that I AM FREE to do this, rather I implore them to STOP violently interfering under their political banner of so-called "protection," and to remove any obstacles stopping me from doing so. People have the right to work doing whatever they want and to get paid whatever they negotiate without any violent interference in the name of "protection." If I want "protection" against my will I can already call on organized crime. As an adult, I AM FREE to engage in mutual, voluntary, consensual relations with other adults, whether those relations be legal, business, personal, religious, or otherwise in nature, so I DON'T like violent third-party interference any more than any lawyer would. As an adult, I can make decisions for myself and I take responsibility for my actions which includes accepting the consequences. I also request that this issue be decided by non-bar members.  Furthermore, I also believe that judges and lawyers (bar members) should NOT be above the law or allowed to break their own laws. As such, I implore all courts and government to attach civil or criminal liability to any failure by any judge or lawyer to follow their own local laws including their ethical rules or code of judicial conduct or rules of professional conduct.