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Any response to the following question would be appreciated:

Have you ever been sued?  If so, did you settle out of court (lose the case) because:

1.              You could have represented yourself but were afraid of how this would look because you have been told that “only a fool has themself as their own lawyer.”

2.            You were not speak the language well that most everyone else was using in the court, such as English.

3.             You fear public speaking.

4.            “Authority figures” (judges, bar members, police) make you feel sick or uneasy.

5.             You have been victimized (harassed, abused, robbed, lied to, cheated, fooled, deceived, etc.) in the past by any one of the above and wanted to avoid a repeat incident.

6.             You had a hearing problem or were physically disabled in some other manner.

7.             You had little or no knowledge of the rules of court (civil or criminal procedure).

8.             You learned you could not hire a non-bar member because this was against the local laws (“illegal”).

9.             You didn't want to pay a bar member to help you because you dislike or distrust bar members.

10.          You knew of a friend, relative or stranger that was damaged by “the system.”

11.            You yourself are, or was once a part of the system, so you know how useless and evil it can be.

12.          You're wise to the world so you’re well aware how useless and evil the system can be.

13.          You could not afford a bar member.

14.          You could find no bar member that would work for you for no money (“pro bono”).

15.          You didn't want to mortgage your property in order to come up with the bar member’s “retainer.”

16.          You don’t like being treated like a criminal.  (You know there is no such thing as a “civil” case.)

17.           Any other reason (fill in the blank): _________________________


Please check all that apply and send your response lawemail7 (at)”.  Copy & paste address into email - replace “(at)” with “@” (You can't just click on an email link here because active links get spidered and leads to endless junk email.)