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How to Change The System Quickly & Simply


E-mail Message for August 2002


Dear Advocates of Freedom of Choice & Non-violence:


We are one of the leading websites in the world for social change through direct non-violent action.  In this message we feature our latest innovation for rapid social change:


The Petition To End Mandatory Bars For Attorneys And To Restore A Free Market In Legal Services And To Require Judicial Accountability For Judges


Sign our new online petition at Petitions Online by clicking here.


Sign our new mail-in version of our petition by clicking here: English World Anti-Bar Petition


If you wish to expand non-violence and freedom of choice then please read the following message.  If you agree with our objective then please forward this e-mail message to as many people as you think might agree.  If you get this message more than once that is because someone else forwarded it to you and not us.





Signed petitions are starting to come in from around the world.  The deadline to file those pertaining to Arizona is 9/23/02.  If you’ve already mailed one in, thanks.  If not, the home page will take you to the place where you can find a newly revised petition in English and Spanish.  If any of you can translate them into another language then send that in.  First visit the above links on the internet, copy and past the text that appears in your browser’s window and then try to print out your petition on only one page by adjusting the margins and size of the text (font, point size).  The fewer pages we have, the better.




Do you really believe we can bring about an end to mandatory bar membership around the world?


Yes, in one of two ways:


Step #1 is to petition the highest court in your local area to repeal any requirement to be a member of any organization (bar) before practicing law along with a motion asking the court to step aside from making the actual decision because they obviously can’t be neutral as each judge is, more likely than not, a bar member.  Then ask that neutral group of people acceptable to all parties concerned to remove any requirement to be a bar member.  Then, file a request for a stay of proceedings while we collect as many signatures as we need in order to convince that neutral body of decision makers that it is the will of the people to be free to choose who they hire to work for them and what price they will pay.  At that point the court will have no choice but to change their rules because failing to do so will show the people that their judges are their master and not their “public” servant and that the private interests of those judges vested in maintaining a mandatory bar exceeds their alleged “public” duty or that those judges think themselves to be wiser than the people so they are going to force their views upon the people whether the people like it or not.  This is the political approach.


Step #2 is followed if your local judges or government refuse to repeal any mandatory bar requirement or to step aside so a truly neutral group of people can make the decision.  We will keep you advised through our website letting you know the results of this effort.  If it fails, you will know your local judges will not give you the freedom to choose.  If you are wise you will then realize, at that point in time, that you should stop using bar members to do anything and encourage everyone that you know to do the same because they would rather maintain their protection racket.  The resulting drop in people hiring them will cause them to lose money.  The more money their monopoly loses, the less young people will want to become bar members.  It’s that simple.  Don’t hire them, and they go away or decrease in number.  Get rid of the demand and the supply will be dry up because there are now very few, if any, buyers for that market.  This is the economic approach.


We also have other ways to reform the “legal” system and or to bring about a permanent end to its present form.  E-mail us for further details.


Do you accept contributions?


Yes.  Send a blank money order for one U.S. dollar,  or as much as you can afford, to 3926 North 13th Place, Phoenix, Arizona 85014.  If you insist on mailing a check, mail it care of "Moses Shepard."  If we get signed petitions from your area, but donations for that area are insufficient to make taking legal action in your area impossible we won’t be able to do so until they are, so try to be generous.   In the alternative, we can show you how to “do-it-yourself.”  It is surprisingly simple.  It will just take some time and effort on your effort.


Why are you doing this?


We have woken up to the true nature of the adversary system, as bar members call it.  Without writing a dissertation here (we'll save that for our upcoming book), to put it simply, no one should be threatened by violence simply because they have entered into mutual voluntary agreements with others in order to perform a service on their behalf, in this case, the practice of law.  This applies to other services as well.  Sadly most bureaucrats disagree.  They see you as a child to be controlled, told what to do, who to do it with, and to be “protected” at their price, with or without your consent.


How did you get into this?


We repeatedly saw judges and lawyers violating their own ethical rules and getting away with it.  To read an example click here.  We also discovered that the rules are often illogical and contradictory, in the extreme.  We also saw bar members (lawyers) continually forcing this or that lie on the people.  Some good examples:


  1. Perception: Bar members are needed.  Reality: They’re not.  Self-taught and or experienced non-bar members can provide the same or better services, and do so at a lower price.
  2. Perception: Only bar members are competent to practice law.  Reality: The American Bar Association has been pushing for a moratorium on the death penalty for years because of their position that innocent people are being put to death by because of ineffective (incompetent) counsel (lawyers).  That is just one small example.
  3. Perception: The best way that bar members can ensure their own competence is by using violence in order to eliminate their competition so they create criminal penalties against anyone who engages in the so-called “unauthorized” practice of law.  Reality: There are peaceful alternatives to ensure competence in the market for legal services.  Most people are simply not aware of them.  Read the articles on our website and … wake up.
  4. Perception: Enough bar members work for free (“pro bono”) so that poor people can find them when they need one.  Reality: Few lawyers work for free so the demand for free legal assistance far exceeds the supply.
  5. Perception: It is perfectly fair to force non-lawyers to act as their own lawyer if they can’t afford one.  Reality: American judges know non-lawyers are incompetent to practice law, so incompetent that if that same non-lawyer is facing criminal charges, their court will pay for their lawyer.  That same judge will then turn around and force that same non-lawyer to act as their own lawyer in a “civil” case while not permitting that non-lawyer to use the help of another non-lawyer that is competent and will even work for free.


Where can I learn more?


This website.  Read all that you can.  Study.  While it is true that “the truth is out there,” it is also in here.





If you like, fill out our survey and mail it in, or copy it, and e-mail your responses.  To see our survey click here.  If you think you’d make a good guest on an interview program that we do then let us know about that as well, including the topic you’re knowledgeable in, and can speak about, with energy, enthusiasm, or passion.


If you think others would benefit from this message please forward it to them in its entirety.


Thank you.


The Remake the Matrix family


P.S.        Mail no boxes, packages, thick envelopes, etc..  We only open flat envelopes after subjecting them to processing that neutralizes any threat potential.  Yes, we do think of everything.  That’s why we’re going to win.


P.S.        Feel free to re-word our petition as you see fit.  If you alter them place your name at the top to indicate it is not our version.   Mail your signed petition to 3926 North 13 Place Phoenix, Arizona 85014 as soon as you can.  If you want a copy of your papers then make one for yourself before mailing us the signed original.  Once we have it we will not be able to make copies for you or return the original.


P.S.        We sent this "BCC" (blind carbon copy) so your e-mail address would not be revealed to one another (because of spammers).  We also e-mailed a copy of this to every major media outlet.


P.S.        Until they remove it, the Arizona bar's petition to change their rules is at


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