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Terms of Use and Disclaimer

(“the large print”)


WHEREAS this website’s visitor has visited this website and did so for reasons unknown to its creators;


WHEREAS this website consists of valuable proprietary information and intellectual property presently unknown to its visitors;


WHEREAS this website’s visitor is free to accept or reject whatever they might learn by their visit;


THEREFORE, it is then necessary that this website’s visitor expressly agrees not to disclose any of the information presented to them herein to any third party; it is expressly agreed to that there shall be no disclosure to any third parties without this website’s creator’s prior express written consent.  While the information presented in this site is from sources deemed reliable, this site’s creators cannot always guarantee its accuracy because they cannot control the security, or the lack thereof, of the servers maintained by the website host.  All visitors are therefore encouraged to contact the webmaster if any of the content appears changed, out of place, or odd, and we will investigate.


It is also agreed that this website’s visitor, or any third party, may not use the information presented to them, herein, in any capacity, including, but not limited to, unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and/or web or broadcasting, all of which are strictly prohibited.


This agreement is made privately and without reservation.  This agreement is governed by the maxim, “live honestly, injure no one, and give everyone their just due,” and by the terms of his agreement.  Any and all laws, including political laws, of any kind, are expressly excluded from this agreement.  Political laws include, but are not limited to, constitutions, statutes, codes, regulations, charters, ordinances, and laws of any countries, nations, states, counties, towns, cities, etc.  This website’s visitor agrees to hold its creators harmless by their use or misuse of this website’s contents.


This website’s visitor hereby agrees that if the terms and conditions of this agreement is breached, they agree to pay this website’s creators, in silver or gold, damages in a sum equal to the value of whatever funds, property, rights to property or interest, of whatever kind, in any capacity, is derived from the use of this website’s contents in whatever form or in whatever manner use is made.


By visiting this website, this website’s visitor agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions found within this web page and/or any other web page found throughout this website without mental reservation or purpose of evasion.  A visit to this website is sufficient to bind its visitors.


Agreed to on the day and time this website is first visited, from whatever page entry is first made.