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I state the following facts upon my personal knowledge:

1.                    I understand that a group of men and women known as “the bar” are trying to put their only competition out of business.  That competition charges less than they do for legal services.

2.                  As far as I am concerned, I have the right to work doing whatever I want and get paid whatever I choose.  I also have the right to pay anyone that I want to work for me doing whatever I choose.  I don’t want to be forced to use a lawyer to do anything or to have to pay their ridiculously high prices.  I don't trust lawyers.

3.                  I do not want to be forced to use them under threat of violence if I choose not to.

4.                 This issue should be decided by non-lawyers, not you, a court full of judges that are lawyers.  You are not capable of being neutral in this matter.  The proper place ("venue") for this decision is the court of public opinion.

5.                  As an adult, I don't want violent or otherwise coercive intrusions into my mutually voluntary business dealings and I don't care what political banner is being used to conceal that violence either.  Whether you like it or not, I am free to engage in mutual, voluntary, consensual relations with other adults, whether those relations be business, personal, or religious in nature.  This includes hiring anyone that I choose to practice law without strangers (you) violently intruding and interfering.  As an adult, I don't want or need your "protection."   As an adult, I am old enough to make decisions for myself.   As an adult, I take responsibility for my own actions.

6.                  I don't want you or any other lawyer intruding in my life whether violently, under the threat of some pretended "law," or otherwise.   I am free to choose who I do business with and come to an agreement with them as to how much, or little, I will choose pay them.  I want your use of violence to force others to become a member of your club (union) to come to an end, now and forever. 

7.                   It's about time that lawyers, like yourselves, stop pushing other people around, profiting directly off of other people's misery, and lying for more money and power.  I want to be free from you, the “State Bar of Arizona,” and all of its members.

8.                  Show others the same courtesy that they show you: Don’t intrude in their business dealings using violence just as they don’t intrude into yours.

9.                  Do you equate violence with good faith (i.e., justice)?  If so, then there is no point in filing this affidavit because one cannot reason with someone that denies basic principles.


I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.  Signed this ______ day of ___________, 2002:  (Rule 80(i), Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure, requires no notary to notarize an affidavit presented in this form.  If you want to get this notarized, then do so.)



                                                My Full Name, Printed Clearly, My Signature, My Address, City & State